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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
8:06 pm
This weekend - Saturday 9/8/08 - Leeds
Apologies for cross-posting, but comrades this is an important event... an oppotyunity for the Trad-Goth Party to get together and socialise with much entertainment provided by two up and coming bands (one of which contains no less than two memebers of the cabinet).

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
6:31 pm
2006 To Present
Greetings, MGPs and civilians all! I have not abandoned this place - far from it! As I have been threatening for some time, I have finally gotten around to getting someone professional involved in the Trad-Goth Party. We are considering designs, features, and such, and I'm after one thing.

I want a new national resource for Goths across England - more than a good laugh, I also want the TGP to be useful, on a netgoth-style level! So, I'm asking you for your ideas, input, suggestions, contributions, and more. I want to get this thing started as soon as possible, so fire away as soon as YOU are ready. You can post here, LJ-message me, or get e-mail to me on timsinister[at]gmail[dot]com.

I've contacted a few people already who might be interested. We're going to establish a forum, and news page - things such as the Dewsbury Incident deserve centralised debate, as well as one strong voice with which to speak to the media. This is what I want from the TGP, and hopefully, what you want as well...

Speak up, Goth UK!

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
10:01 am
More laws
I'm inclined after reading certain messages on a non-LJ forum to apply certain additional policies with the approval of the relevant ministerial department and peer review.

9. Anyone found referring to the terms 'bleep', 'EBM', 'IDM', 'Noise', etc, as 'goth', are to be re-educated at their own expense on the proper use of terminology, including the use of aversion therapy (or torture) were necessary. Note: using electro-convulsive therapy may be inadviseable as the culprits might actually like it and beg for you to turn it up.

Let me know what you think. Should this be law? or is it going too far?

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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
3:43 pm
Pronouncements and new laws
I thought now would be as good time as any to put several new laws before the good folks of this party.

1. Victorian style work-houses for known chavs. There may be some lee-way here for the provision of private ownership of chavs should interest in the idea be shown.

1a. Resurrection Record gift vouchers for information on chav whereabouts.

2. Full legalisation of drugs. Although I personally disapprove of drug use, I detest dealers even more, so all formerly illicit drugs are now legalised, to be sold through reputable licensed outlets. This will bring in a massive revenue through the cost of licenses and VAT, and decrease the cost of policing. The funds can then be allocated to other projects.

2a. Any unlicensed person or outlet found to be selling drugs will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. To be precise- the bastards will be dancing the Tyburn Jig for it.

3. On the spot fines for loitering in graveyards/cemeteries/outside the corn exchange, to be set at 50 pounds. I think we all agree that Goths do not loiter, chavs and spooky-kids do.

4. Glow-sticks to be classed as offensive weapons anywhere other than in The Wendyhouse.

5. Hip-hop/RnB/trance/rap/nu-metal, to be banned from Camden high street, Camden Market, and Camden Lock Market, or in fact anywhere considered particularly goth. Sentences for breaking this law are yet to be decided.

6. The Death Penalty to be re-established (as seen in 2a) for the most serious crimes. This should go someway to dealing with over-crowding in prisons.

6a. Executions may be audience attended and may also be televised (which would make a change from reality TV... sort of).

7. Discrimination in the work place or in the provision of services towards anyone based on their goth-ness is now strictly prohibited.

Several of these proposed laws may require ratification from other departments within the Tradgoth Party, but I have confidence in my colleagues that some form of agreement will be met.

Are there any other laws you wish to see? If so, please let me know. It is my intention to be pro-active, absolutely ruthless, and to be utterly hated by any non-goth.

The Commisar of Justice

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
9:12 pm
Welcome Aboard, faye_darkelf. I trust there are no objections to her appointment, so consider her our new Commissar of Justice. SHE IS THE LAW.

So, I'm finally in Leeds. I'll wrangle some web-design, and have us get a website up. In the meantime, I can pinned down most nights at the Subculture, especially their Sunday specialist nights, when I pretend I don't have a job to worry about the next - or same - day. I'll not be at Whitby - again - but I wish all the best to those journeying so far North. Don't forget about us!

Watch This Space - I'll keep you posted, boys and girls.

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Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
6:20 pm
A quick thanks
A brief (and slightly belated) thank-you to Kate for travelling up to Leeds at the weekend to guest at the SGS.


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Monday, August 14th, 2006
6:49 pm
Sunday Goth Social 20/8/06
I don't usually pimp events but this is an exception.

Sunday Goth Social
7pm - 11pm
The George (Cellar Bar)
Great George Street

Entry: a mere 150 pennies.

(The George is situated at the far end of Great George Street, in the shadow of the Victorian section of Leeds General Infirmary).

Along with regular DJ, Pyromancer, this Sunday (August 20th) will have special guest DJ Kate Karnage (took me ages to blag her into doing it, so please turn up) bringing her own special variety of goth mayhem to Leeds.

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
12:57 am
Goth In The Park 3
Hello again,

There will be a get together (and ample oportunity for converting the unclean bleepies) on Saturday 12th August in Hyde Park, Leeds, up by the skate park (but not so close as to disrupt our little pic-nicy shindig).
It starts at 1pm and finishes whenever people get bored.

If any of you fancy popping along then you'd be most welcome, there'll be a varied area of Leeds based Goth/alternative types there.
Bring something to eat and drink as it's a communal type whatsit. Wear whatever you want, most will be dressing down though, but I could be persuaded to wear my best for it.

The last two have been peaceful trouble free events so I don't anticipate any hassle this time around.

There will most likely be a (friendly) dog in attendance.

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Monday, July 31st, 2006
6:36 pm
I would just like to say greetings to all of the dark-and-thankfully-not-bleepy-at-all-souls that frequent this forum. And thank-you to Mr Tim Sinister for approving my membership sometime ago (I'd blame my poor recollection on excessive alcohol but as I don't drink this may prove to be a flawed excuse).

I will, as soon as I have any photos of me I actually like (what can I say, I'm a perfectionist), I shall be making a bid for a ministerial position, specifically the position of Minister of Gothly Justice (assuming the position hasn't already been filled, if it has then I bid for under-secretary rank).

This will include corecting the erronous ways of non-tradgoths to our proper ways of thinking, acting, being, and general high quality standards that are the trade marks of trad-gothness.

Under my reign as Minister of Gothly Justice, public and televised execution of chavs shall take place, correction facilities will be built to deal with the growing problems caused by cyber/perky/and vamp goths.

Anyone caught carrying glow-sticks or wearing wooly-hair shall be immediately imprisoned in aforementioned correction facilities (which will either resemble medieval dungeons or Victorian mental health hospitals- there may be a change in the law which results in cyber/perky goth being re-categorised as a mental illness, this will of course require a discourse between myself and the Minister Of Mental Health).

Trials shall be acceptably biased towards proven tradgoths (acceptable by our standards that is), for example, anyone found loitering in grave-yards or cemeteries shall be either imprisoned or deported to the USA (irrespective of their nationality), as tradgoths we do not 'loiter' so are exempt from this law.

In short:

It would be my intention to safeguard and extend the rights and priveleges of tradgoths whilst denying any to the corrupt.

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
8:53 am
I'm heading to Leeds this weekend, to talk websites with a designer. I'd like to take some ideas as well, which is where our clever Cabinet comes into action. If people can just drop me a few ideas of what they'd like to have up, that'd be great. I know some of you are involved in gig or venue promotions and the like, which I'd be happy to include.
Post-gig reviews, of which d00mw0lf excel at, are also highly welcome.

Anything else anyone wants? I'll keep you posted as to what is planned and what happens as time goes by...

Thursday, May 4th, 2006
11:13 am
First off, can I say a big Thank-you to the SheffGoths for their hospitality, rounders, and crazy weather. I must apologise for my own inability to get anything done; we simply didn't have time to sit down and talk policies what with running from the rain, running to the toilets, or running into one another.

Nonetheless, I had a quick natter with gwengothelf at the end, and it seems enthusiasm is still high. Grand! First thing we need is probably a website, to promote our World Vision. I've had a poke around, but my own HTML skills are far too lacklustre for a project of this magnitude. I invite any competent webdesigners out there in the Party - or beyond - to get in touch and talk design.

Secondly, and tying in with that point, we need to think about what to put on it! I was hoping that each Minister could get their own page to waffle on, and a central page for news, party waffle, events and such. We need proposals, policies, and promises - sane, and not so sane. Just throw down some random ideas if you like, for what you want from a Trad-Goth Britain. State-Subsidised Snakebite?* PVC on the Welfare Allowance? More Money for Hairspray Research? I'm sure you've all got ideas of your own!

Finally, we discussed the ultimate point of all this; an excuse to come together and get ratted. I'd like to arrange an Annual Party Conference, whereby we can hire out a venue, get on some bands, and get trollyed all in the good name of Trad-Goth values. I hope that sits well with the rest of you, and takes off the somewhat intimidating 'serious' edge our idea threatens to develop.

I'll be posting more thoughts as they come to me, and I invite you all to do the same, or just e-mail me directly if you like. I'll be waiting to hear from our programmers, so that we can launch a website as soon as possible. Watch this space, and cheers for listening!

* - Idea Property of KateKarnage ;)

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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
4:14 pm
Party Convention I
Loyal TradGoths far and wide! Cabinet members, myself included, will be descending on Sheffield on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon for meets and greets and booze and food. If you're about, contact Professor d00mw0lf, MGP, for exactly where and when. I'll be kicking around from lunchtime, and I certainly hope to see some of YOU!

Yes, YOUU!

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Friday, December 23rd, 2005
8:41 pm
Endings and Beginnings
Firstly, we welcome gipsy_queen and juno_februa to the TradGoth Party livejournal. Welcome aboard, feel free to introduce yourselves. Our demands for immediate visual identification are on hold until the new year, when I myself can conform to party policy!

2005 is almost finished, and it has not been the best of years for Trad-Goth to emerge blinking into the...er...twilight. Our resounding defeat at the polls, and the resounding defeat at the Whitby football match, all the way through to the sudden and regrettable demise of Bar Phono has set a very low tone for even those accustomed to the more cynical ways of life.

Instead, we should embrace the lessons of 2005, and look to the New Year with its promises - Las Vegas - and potential. Apologies for being a poor administrator; why do you think I never bid for the Leadership?

Until 2006, I'll bid you all a great holiday season and a smashing new year.

Keep Walking The Line.

Friday, October 21st, 2005
8:37 am
New Horizons
As purloined from Mr. mickmercer...

I wouldn’t normally mention something like this, but your help is important here. Carl Noble has already assembled a team capable of producing a magazine that will be unlike anything the UK has seen in recent times when it comes to covering Goth, because he is not trying to do a small scale self-financed publication, but wants to convince a major publisher to handle it. He already has talented professionals (Editors, writers, models, designers, artists, photographers, cartoonists etc) lined up to work on it, providing a publisher gives the go-ahead, and is building up a petition from interested potential readers to show what sort of audience is out there initially. This is a wise move, because all publishers care about is finding their market.

e-mail gothmaguk@gmail.com – that’s all you have to do. Ask your mates to do so as well.

This magazine wants to have a more intellectual approach that has seen before, with history, the supernatural, psychology, and social matters which affect the scene overall coming under scrutiny, as well as covering things of a more immediate nature, such as the music and other overlapping media, in a vital manner. It can be done, and it would be excellent. All we have to do is admit our interest. He’ll do the rest.

I'd heard rumblings of a possible new mag starting up in the wake of Meltdown, and it seems like it's coming true. A damn good idea, and one I'd support whole-heartedly. Drop them an e-mail, let's lend a hand!

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
11:18 am
First things first, greetings to all the Ministers I met at the final Batfink - trashcan_17, gwengothelf, jozafeen and my host, d00mw0lf. Very nearly a conference!

Next, we have Halloween coming up! I know some of you will be at WGW, so I hope you'll be flying the flag for the traditional values party. Do let us know how you get on canvessing and reporting and getting fall down drunk, all in the name of Trad.

That's then, though. This community isn't dead, and I do intend to do something with it. Watch this space!

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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
9:53 am
Knocking on the coffin
Are you alive in there?

beelze_bob left this message in my Live Journal. He gets my vote.


May I please be considered for the post of "Defence and Armaments Secretary"?

I believe I may be qualified for the position due to knowing that to eject a Chav from the best of Goth Parties correct alignment of the pointy toe boot is essential for it is possible to impact with sufficient force the top of the boot to said Chav's arse to lift him out of the door simultaneously using the pointy toe to lift and separate the testicles thus rendering an immediate return of the Chav unlikely.

I am a team player and highly ambitious, I view this post as being one step closer to that dream job of tea-boy.

Oh and my 20 word proposal...

"Elect me Defence and Armaments Secretary or I shall lay siege to your biscuits supply, you know surrender is inevitable."

As for "Two Pictures of you in your most stylish and attractive attire" and "One Picture of your face looking stunning and intelligent with fantastic hair", er, um, well, best I can do would be the lj profile icons, one of which should now be up and to the left a bit.

Monday, May 23rd, 2005
6:45 pm
The Results...and Beyond
So, the Ministry of Gothministrative Affairs has conducted a recount, placing the Perky Goth party ahead by a narrow margin...one they will undoubtedly consolidate with an alliance, or coalition, with the Cyber Goths who take the second position. The Deathrock party, formerly outside runners, beat us to third, leaving the Trad-Goths in fourth position.

Although we have lost control of Gothic Britain for this term, it is by no means the death-knell of the Party of traditional values and respect for the history of Goth evolution! We are clearly the official Opposition to the incumbents, and I foresee us capitalising on the mistakes this administration, untried and untested and unfamiliar, is going to make.
Basically, we get to have a laugh whilst not taking the blame.

So, we turn to the other matters facing the Trad-Goth party. Firstly, we still have no Leader. I propose Leadership elections following further recruitment into the Party. This ties in with my second point, that the Cabinet is still a little lean. But of course, that is something we can work on without the distraction of trying to run an entire Goth kingdom so early in our collective life!
I'd also like to hear any opinions on our admissions policy as proposed by the Minister for Culture and Fashion. I find it perfectly satisfactory, but of course this is subject to the entire Cabinet's opinion.
I'd also be interested in expanding our presence on the internet, perhaps by branching into a website? Anyone interested in tackling that idea should let us know, and I'd invite ideas from you all.

Finally, I'm quite interested to see where everyone is in the country; do some of the MGs know each other in real life? Anyone near Leeds? This could become a very good excuse to go pubs, clubs, and picnics, and drain the Civil Service of funds, ahahahaha.

So, we end on a high note. We have a full Gothlamentary term to consolidate our position within English Goth politics and have a laugh. Consider some of the proposals I've made, and let me know what you think.

Yours Faithfully,
Surgeon-Commander Tim von Sinister
Trad-Goth Party Chairman

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1:34 pm
The Goth Elections have been rerun, and the Perky Party has snatched a narrow lead.
The Trad-Goth Party occupies fourth place.


We apologise for the brevity of this update; additional committments by the Party leadership have stood in the way of true political progress. Expect a more compiled entry this evening GMT.

Do not be disheartened; this is not the end of Trad-Goth political ambitions!

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Friday, May 13th, 2005
5:36 pm
Referendum is in...
Looks like there's going to be a recount excluding recent journals.

I can't help but feel that the country, emulating the goth 2 step dance, after taking the 2 steps forward of electing the Trad Goth party, is now taking 2 steps back in allowing this wrangling over results by a disenfranchised minority.

A sad day for the democratic process.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
8:32 pm
Transport Policy
I will start to work on plans for our strategy in these areas .... others input will be welcome ...

The policies will be split ito 4 areas
Roads - including buses, taxis, cycles and pedestrians
Rail - including underground, light rail and rapid transport systems
Air - not including party members accidently caught in high winds with trailing capes
Marine - including our policy on Pirates.

Maybe the most complicated and potentially difficult area.
Initial thoughts are.
a) Outlawing the use of Ford Escort 1.0 "Turbo's" supped up with alloys, spoilers, those annoying blue underlighting and burburry seat covers. These will be crushed at the owners own expense before being turned into "puzzle boxes".
b) Introduction of zero road tax payment for all hearses.
c) Introducing the "Old Biddy Road Law" - this is a special test when all drivers hit the age of 60 to test their ability to travel at more than 20mph on any road and to find 2nd gear. Also with a special visual test to be able to spot a slightly inebriated Trad swaying in the road with a 2ft back comb and high heal boots early on a Sunday morning.
d) Pedestrianisation of Camden from the tube station to the stables complex to allow the safe passage of all Goths and "others" in safety without being taken out by some murderous Chav.
e) Increased fines for drivers who drive without due care and attention whilst playing J Lo or other R&B, Hip Hop etc. These fines will be used to fund repairs to roads and paths leading to areas of "Goth" interested to be drawn up with the Minister of Clubbing and Minsiter of Culture.
f) Provision of cheap "Night Buses" outside venues hosting Goth events to allow safe and easy transport home, drivers will be instructed to take people to their required destinations. These may actually appear to be black cabs but they will accept valid bus tickets or charge the equivalent fare for that bus route. Only available to holders of a valid "Goth Card"

a) A compulsory guide to all rail companies that upon refurbishment of rolling stock a provision of seats that are large enough to allow a 6ft Goth with big hair and bigger boots to relax comfortably on all services.
b) London Underground to run throughout the weekend on routes close to areas of Goth interest to allow those who wish to club and gig have easier access to public transport post Slimelight etc.
c) Northern Trains to upgarde the line to Whitby to speed up journey time to this "haven". Northern Trains also to provide special trains on the main two weekends of pilgrimage to this location which contain a special welcome bar serving quality ale, wine, cider and shots at cost price after the initial free serving to each passenger with a valid rail ticket/Goth Card
e) The introduction of the "Goth Railcard" allowing specials 75% reductions on all rail fares. Administration of whom qualifiers and how the "Goth Card" may work to allow these benefits need to be discussed with other members of the Cabinet.

a) Zero duty payable on all drinks purchased by those in black including those in the bars at the airport.
b) Specially designed "Goth" seats for those holders of a "Goth Card", these give extra space for relaxing in and storing the required extra hand luggage with those "emergency" items and also special racks for storing boots alongside seats on long haul services.
c) Introduction of the "airport lout tax" this is immediately payable by those booking tickets for Ibiza package holidays aged 18-30, they will be charged the price of the ticket again with funds to be allocated to the executive goth lounges which will be set up at airports and will feature live dj's and bands when delays occur.

a) Pirates will be allowed to operate on any inland lake or waterway within the UK without having to pay for boat hire. Any booty gained from plundering boats of "chavs" will not be classed as stolen goods and thus avoiding prosecution as it occured in "open water".

Thats about it for now but a start ...

These proposals were brought to you with the assisatnce of a sountrack of :- The Mission, The Cult, Love & Rockets, Sisters of Mercy, Specimen, Nine Inch Nails, Gene Loves Jezebel, Curve, Funhouse, Corrosion, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Ramones and The Damned

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